Ongoing Cooperations

Thanks to my skillful team I am able to cooperate
with so many amazing people and companies.

Position: content advisor and creator


We Love Cycling  by Škoda is an online magazine that brings you original stories, fresh videos and special reports from the wide world of cycling.

I have being cooperating with them for several years now. 

Below, you can check out a few examples of articles I wrote for them and videos I performed in and helped creating.



Position: 360° cooperation 

I have been working with Czech Tourism sicne 2011. I have been producing contents for them consulting, performing and producing videos. 

Position: marketing director 


As a sportsmen, I have always been interested in nutrition and healthy food. So when they offered me to launch a startup in the States that connects ranchers who produce home-raised beef with final customers, I did not miss the opportunity.

For SVR I designed the web, shot the ads and the cooking video tutorials, designed packaging and promotional materials, defined the marketing strategy.


Cooking videos

Position: consultant for global sales & marketing/content 


Bikeworkx is a leading producer of specialty lubricants for bicycles that withstand the fiercest of conditions over extended periods of time complete production maintained in the Czech Republic.

Position: brand ambassador. Content producer.


The Mitas brand offers tyres and inner tubes for bikes. All Mitas bike tyres and inner tubes are made in a production plant in the Czech Republic with a tradition going back more than 100 years. 

Position: brand ambassador


Endura is supporting me with their amazing apparel since 2013. In exchange I test their products and help them making them better and better.

Position: web designer & web master


I am a cycling fanatic but I also love sport in general. Golden Gate Rugby Club needed a website upgrade and help creating one pagers to raise funds.

So we revamped their page and designed new sections, we post produced their pictures and edited their videos so to have more appealing contents on the page.

Position: web designer & web master


USA Rugby has an amazing official website. But it is very complex so they needed a micro website that would be intuitive for those talents that wanted to join the team.

We designed the website from scratch and developed a very sophisticated system of filters to lead the players through the application process.