Personal projects

BIKO Adventures

In 2011 I founded the first cycling and outdoor company in Prague that offers tours for all skill levels. Road biking, MTB, gravel biking and easy touring. Hiking and actie shuttles. Our tours were covered by many international publications including Lonely Planet and National Geographic.

BIKO Holidays

In 2013 I founded a sister company that has been offering cutting-edge premium bike holidays making customization its secret ingredient.
Not only we run our own holidays in Europe and recently in the States, but we also work as local DMC for top players like Butterfield & Robinson, Abercrombie & Kent and Avalon Cruises.

BIKO Apparel

I am a designer and since 2013 I enjoy creating bike related T-shirts and other accessories. It started as an hobby but soon we were selling more than a thousand items every year, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.
Every year I am honored to participate in the best local design markets.

Lemon Creativity

Our biko holiday operation has an in-house creative division led by me. Not only it focuses on our own websites, promotional materials and videos, but it is also about making videos for our clients while they are on holiday. Once covid hit, we have started offering affordable professional marketing & communication solutions to boost small and medium businesses. Lemon Creativity was born and it is now a company in its own right.

BIKO Kolektiv

When covid hit, our beautiful shop was deserted.No tourist around. What a waste of resources. So we transformed our office into a hub for cyclist. Biko Kolektiv was born. It is a place where you can service your bike, drink a good coffee, buy amazing gravel and adventure biking apparel and accessories and healthy food.

Bike Around

One of the positive effects of covid was the booming of cycling. Thousands of people started to travel by bike. So we we have made our knowledge available to them and created a website that makes Self-guided bike touring and bikepacking, easy. We started with a beta test in the Czech Republic called Cesko Okolo but the plan is to go global.

Gravel Roads

I love bikepacking and I have a large expertise in this area so in 2020 I have decided to launch an e-shop of all road apparel and accessories. We like minimalism, so we stand for versatile solutions for every outdoor activity and we believe that each product should have multiple uses.